Jared Cavys

Jared Cavys - Pat Williams Construction

Vice President of Construction

I have worked on commercial construction sites since I was a young teen as I was raised by the owner of a commercial construction company. Although my father’s construction company was bought out by a larger company, I continued to work construction throughout my teen years. After graduating from high school I worked several years as a Carpenter’s Apprentice.

The company I worked for recognized my abilities and brought me into their office to learn Estimating and Project Management. By 20 years of age I was bidding and managing projects in excess of $1 million. At the age of 29, I replaced the firm’s Chief Estimator and was bidding on Highway, Street, & Bridge Construction projects, Municipal & Public Works projects, and Commercial Building projects with budgets reaching $20 million. 

Being brought up in this business has allowed me to learn from not only hands-on experience, but also by working with and learning from some of the best in the business. I feel that I have experienced the best of both worlds by learning from seasoned construction personnel and also having learned the latest technology to aid the construction process.

Lake Charles, LA

Southwest & South Central Louisiana

Leesville, LA

Northwest Louisiana

Alexandria, LA

Central and Northeast Louisiana