Commitment to Safety

At Pat Williams Construction, there is nothing more important than the safety of our employees. We have always known that our people are the cornerstone of our business and our safety culture is supported at all levels of the company. Our safety program is not just something that is in a book – it is the way we do business. We continue to show our commitment to “Safety First” through the following: For each of our projects, a site specific project safety plan is developed, taking into account the specific safety requirements and environment of the project. This plan outlines the responsibilities relating to safety for all parties on the project and establishes a plan for safety education and training.

  • On all Pat Williams Construction project sites, weekly “Toolbox Talks” are held with all employees where safe work practices are discussed. We also require that our subcontractors attend these weekly safety meetings and document that their employees attend as well.
  • For all of our new employees, Pat Williams Construction has an employee orientation program, which includes our safety orientation that was developed in-house.
  • We are fully committed to a drug-free work environment through random drug testing for all employees to the highest levels of the company.