Safety Principles

Our safety principles are not just words at Pat Williams Construction. It is the roadmap that we use to guide each project towards safety excellence. Without the following safety principles, we would not be able to achieve the level of performance on our projects nor have the confidence to assure each employee they are working within safe jobsite conditions. We put safety first on all of our projects.

  • We believe that we can prevent accidental injuries, occupational illnesses, and property damage through proper training, planning, and compliance with our safety program.
  • We believe that leadership is a key element in creating a safe work environment and expect our project teams to lead by example, putting safety first in their daily work activities.
  • We believe that establishing a spirit of cooperation with all project Subcontractors, Vendors, Suppliers, Owners, Architects, and Engineers is an important part of creating and maintaining a safe work environment.
  • We require all our employees to be actively involved in maintaining a safe project site and communication is encouraged to eliminate risks associated with all work performed on our project sites.
  • We require our subcontractors and vendors to maintain the same high standards and regard for safety as we do.
  • We believe that each employee has the personal responsibility to themselves, their families, and their coworkers to work in a manner to prevent accidents that cause personal injury or property damage.