Can I order bid documents direct?

Yes. Whether it is with a refundable deposit or the non-refundable cost of reproduction, documents may be obtained from our office.

Do I have to be a member of Isqft.com Platform to review documents online?

Yes. You must register with a valid email address.

Do I have to be licensed to bid with Pat Williams Construction?

All subcontractors being considered for work with our company must adhere to current Louisiana State Licensing laws. More information can be found at www.lslbc.louisiana.gov.

Do I have to be Pre-qualified to bid on Pat Williams Construction Projects?

Most of our bid packages are available for all firms to bid without advance prequalification. Evaluation of the received bids will consider whether the successful bidder has the appropriate financial, material, equipment, facility and personnel resources to meet the contractual requirements and a satisfactory record of previous contract performance and integrity. Where advance prequalification is required for a specific bid package, we will advertise and/or contact potential bidders for prequalification information prior to issuing bid documents.

Does Pat Williams Construction have a Drug & Alcohol Testing Requirement?

Yes. Every person entering a Pat Williams Construction worksite is subject to Drug & Alcohol testing.

How do I get on the bid invitation list?

Please contact our office and we will provide the required information in order for you to bid with us, or mail/fax us your company information. To continue to receive bid invitations, you must update the required information every 12 months.

How soon before a project bids do I need to submit our subcontract bid?

We require a “scope of work” on what you are proposing to bid at least 24 hours before bid time. We request that all bids from all subs and vendors arrive at our office by fax no later than 1 hour prior to bid time so the bid can be evaluated and calls can be made to you for clarifications and to answer questions concerning your bid.

What are Pat Williams Construction’s Insurance Requirements?

The required coverages, limits, and Additional Insureds are identified in Article 12 of our Subcontract Agreement. A sample Subcontract can be obtained from our office. The general conditions of certain projects may require additional insurance by all subcontractors.

What are Pat Williams Construction’s Safety Requirements?

Subcontractors are required to comply with our Safety Program, including its procedures, practices and policies. Refer to the Minimum Project Safety Requirements (available on our website) for additional information.

What is the expected turnaround time for the Contract Documents and other required paperwork?

All required documents, i.e., Subcontract or Purchase Agreement, Performance and Payment Bonds (if required), Certificate of Insurance, CCIP Enrollment (if applicable) and Safety Plan must be returned within fifteen (15) days of award.

When can I expect to get bid results?

We need time to properly evaluate each proposal to do a fair and complete analysis. Typically, two days following a bid we will have a good idea of who is the apparent low bidder for each trade and can give out results. Some of our bigger projects may take longer.

Where can I find bid documents?

Most bid documents are available at the local AGC centers and online at Isqft.com.

Will I have to provide a Payment and Performance Bond?

On major projects, certain subcontractors may be required to bond their portion of the work to Pat Williams Construction, LLC. This is reviewed and negotiated on a job-by-job basis and the bond fee is considered as an addition to a bid.